Many college students have challenges in funding their education. Some only look to grants such as Pell as their only means of support but this is just one of many ways that you as a student can use to further your education. After you have been accepted to Robeson Community College, here are other ways that are available to you to help:
1. Financial Aid – visit the Financial Assistance office in the Student Services Center, read information given on the RCC website, or call them at 272-3700 to learn about FA and other resources that they have available. There's information on the Robeson Community College financial assistance page, too.
2. FAFSA – complete your FAFSA application as soon as possible after you complete your taxes. There is a specialist available at the college on Mondays in the Financial Assistance office that can assist you. Mr. Daren Bethea is there from 9a-5pm and at the Division of Workforce Solutions on Wednesday if you need help.
3. CFNC – set up an account through College Funds of NC. CFNC can help you save for college, search for loans, grants, and scholarships.
4. RCC Foundation – scholarships are available to students for all 3 semesters: Fall, Spring, & Summer. Applications should be available soon to complete for the Summer semester, watch your student e-mail for deadlines and details.
5. Don’t just limit yourself to on campus funding. Employers, churches, organizations, and some community organizations provide scholarships and/or support.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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