Although this grant is over, the college still provides ongoing support to students to help them succeed.


Financial Aid for Students

Many college students have challenges in funding their education. Some only look to grants such as Pell as their only means of support, but this is just one of many ways that you as a student can use to further your education. BOOST staff will provide you with assistance in seeking additional financial resources to pay for college.  Read more on the Financial Help page.


Wrap Around Student Support Services

All BOOST participants have access to enhanced wrap-around student support services, which includes academic advising.  Research indicates academic advising is an important key to student success.  BOOST advisors work with each participant to develop an individualized educational plan outlining course requirements, a tentative application date to an advanced program, and a graduation plan.

Throughout the semester, BOOST advisors assist their advisees in understanding and evaluating academic progress and program requirements.  This involves more than picking classes and completing a check-off list of courses needed to apply to an advanced program.  Course selection and a planned sequence provide a better foundation for success.  

Additionally, BOOST advisors are able to assist with many non-academic concerns by listening and helping the student problem-solve.  We cannot address every issue, but we will make appropriate referrals to other departments and agencies more equipped to help.  

Learning Communities for Students

BOOST offers both formal and informal learning communities for program participants.  All BOOST participants are required to complete the Quick Start Core.  The BOOST Quick Start Core consists of the following courses:

  • ACA-111: College Student Success
  • CIS-111 Basic PC Literacy
  • HSC-110 Orientation to Health Careers
  • MED 120: Medical Terminology
  • One stackable credential

The courses have been redesigned to provide knowledge that will be useful to students as they enter entry-level healthcare careers or advanced academic programs.  Learning communities are furthered enhanced because BOOST Support staff teach two fundamental courses such as: College Student Success and Orientation to Healthcare Careers.  These classes enable students to develop a community that focuses on the BOOST core values of Academic Integrity, Professionalism, and Personal Accountability. BOOST Learning Communities create a supportive environment focused on academic success.

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