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“The Positive Impact of Study Groups”

“The Positive Impact of Study Groups”

These are a few of our BOOST students that have formed a study group, they meet every Monday and Wednesday to discuss ideas concerning BIO 169. Joining a study group will provide the perfect environment for concentration and focus, give you new perspectives and fresh understandings, and help you to

develop personal skills so you can succeed in the working world. These are a few more ways student group can have a positive impact for student:
1. Potential to Procrastinate is Reduced
A study group usually meets at an agreed-upon time, and all members are expected to show up and participate. This is immensely helpful for students who are easily distracted and who are great procrastinators. Because you have an obligation to attend the study group meeting, you will be sure to be there on time, engage with the other students and work to better understand the material.

2. New Perspective on the Material
When you work alongside your fellow classmates, you can entertain new ideas and gain a fresh perspective on the material. For example, if you’re having trouble understanding a certain aspect of the curriculum, you can go over it with your peers in the group so they can show you how they figured out the solution or grasped what was being discussed. This type of study help is invaluable and will undeniably prepare you for any upcoming assignments in the best way possible. Fresh perspectives on material can also provide you with new, positive ways to approach the material in the future or even how you approach studying in general.

3. Skills for the Real World
When you graduate from Robeson Community College, you’ll enter the working world where people skills are extremely important to your success. Study groups closely mimic what it’s like to work with a group of employees to solve a problem. The ability to collaborate, hear new ideas and work together are some of the skills that RCC wants our students to gain outside the classroom. Study groups help to turn students into more professional individuals.

If you want to learn more about our study groups, please visit my office in building 13 or call 910-272-3678

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