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TEAS 2016-2017 Study Aids and Frequently Asked Questions

TEAS 2016-2017 Study Aids and Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing early for any exam gives you as a student a competitive edge to do your best. This is a strategy used by all students. As a pre-health student, applying to the Associates Degree of Nursing or Practical Nursing Diploma programs at

Robeson Community College, you will be required to take the TEAS Exam. The TEAS consists of English, Reading, Language, and Science.

Instead of spending only a few days to a few weeks to prepare for one of the biggest and most challenging pre-entrance exams, prospective students should prepare at a steady pace to have a competitive score.

Take the time to prepare yourself now by creating a strategy to learn the needed materials to perform well and earn a competitive score on the pre-entrance nursing exam.


How to Prepare for the 2016-2017 TEAS Exam

Below you will find tips on how to prepare for the TEAS based on frequently asked questions presented by many BOOST students:

How far in advance should I prepare in order to make a competitive score?

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the exam. Students that allow several months of prep time seemingly do very well on the TEAS exam. I would definitely suggest that students give themselves at least at minimum 2-3 months but for best results 3-4 months to prep for TEAS exam.

Why should I take that much time to prepare for my exam?

Pacing yourself with each section of the study aids provided will give you as a student enough time to absorb the information and it gives you an opportunity to practice the questions and problems for mastery of the materials. When it is test time, you'll be able to recognize the problem and correctly answer it on the official test with ease.

What resources are available?

There are many study aids on the market which are in book format, online, phone apps, as well as at your RCC library! One great resource that I have found helpful is the 2016-2017 Trivium TEAS Study Guide and Free Practice Tests. It is an easy to use study resource that has 2 free tests with up to 450 practice questions, and answer key is offered after each section of the chapters to help students maximize their review sessions. Also there are tips from the TEAS version 5 Experts.

Another resource is the 2016 ATI TEAS study manual. There are also online practice assessments and textbook practice test available. It has a similar format as the previous resource listed above. To learn more, go to the ATI TEAS Study Guide and Free Practice Tests.

Robeson Community College’s Library has invested in an amazing TEAS online prep service available through online resources. It is absolutely FREE! It can be accessed from the RCC library or through your student log-in at home. On this new link, students will be able to take practice TEAS test on individual subjects as well as learn valuable test taking strategies. To learn more, login at the Career & Workplace Preparation Site.

Where do I sign-up to take the TEAS exam?

Students can sign-up for the TEAS exam at the RCC admissions office. There are several dates set up for Spring 2017 semester. There are only a few seats for testing during each available date. If for any reason you cannot make an appointment, please be courteous by calling admissions to reschedule your appointment.

How many points can I earn towards my nursing application from the TEAS exam?

There are many points a student can earn based on their TEAS score. Only one score will count for your application. Students may earn between a range of 0-45 points based on the actual score. Download or print the score chart.

To learn more about TEAS, please pick up an application packet from admissions.  Also, a wealth of information about the TEAS exam and application process is provided at scheduled nursing information sessions. Students who attend will receive a certificate for attendance which will also provide additional points towards their application. Visit Robeson Community College’s Calendar of Events for upcoming dates. If you have any questions or need additional resources, please feel free to contact your BOOST Advisor for assistance. Good Luck!!

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