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Developing strategies to enhance your academic success is important because it directly impacts outcomes related to life after graduation.   Academic success is essential to career success.  One rarely exists

without the other.  As I interact with BOOST participants and review their career and academic goals there is one common denominator and that is the desire for SUCCESS.  As a program we encourage stackable credentials, life-long education, and the exploration of new pathways to healthcare careers.  Personally, my professional ladder has been supported by many educational steps.  Below are a few strategies that I used to be successful in obtaining my associate, bachelor, and master’s degrees.  

  • Manage your time well, so that you allow time for your personal responsibilities and time to study.
  • Remember procrastination is an elusive thief that will steal your academic success.
  • Maintain open communication with you instructor, if you cannot make it to class or you feel ill notify your instructor, try to make arrangements to make up assignments you missed.
  • Stay focused on your academic goals, try to eliminate as many negative distractions as you can and always remember how much your goals mean to you.
  • Obtaining additional education, credentials, and certifications can often make you more marketable in workplace.  It also increases your earning potential.  Click Here to view the Department of Labor’s weekly wages by educational attainment levels.

Remember, incorporating these tips will give you the best chance to achieve academic success. As the Counselor/Academic Career Coach with the “BOOST” program I provide one-on-one professional counseling that can assist you in addressing academic challenges.  Visit our office and support staff, we are here to help you become a SUCCESS.

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Balancing College and Your Life

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