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Preparing for FINALS!

Preparing for FINALS!

Preparing for finals can be somewhat nerve racking, but if you prepare properly you will allow yourself the best possible outcome and rock your FINALS! Here are a few tips:

1. Prepare a schedule: Spend a few minutes writing down everything you need to do in your calendar, from doing laundry and sleeping to writing papers and studying. Time has a tendency to slip away during finals week, so plan and keep track of it the best you can. Just because you've been able to pull all-night study sessions earlier in the semester doesn't mean it's

a good idea to do so now.
2. Reasonable expectations: Be realistic when it comes to planning your schedule. Allocate time to sleep, get some exercise, eat well, and just hang out. Your brain needs a break from all the studying, so let it relax by hanging out with friends, surfing the Internet, or just mentally checking out for a while.
3. Make Sleeping a Priority: You can't rock that chemistry final if you're sleep deprived, in funky clothes that needed to be washed a week ago, and fighting a cold. Treat your body kindly during finals week, and it will return the favor! Will you get as much sleep as you ideally need? Probably not. But you should get enough so that you can be mentally sharp both during your study sessions and during your exams themselves.
4. Exercise and Eat Well: When you're short on time, these are often the first to go, unfortunately. What you've eaten over the last 24 hours may count as food—but it didn't provide much nutrition. You don't need to visit your doctor to know how much better you feel when you've had a good breakfast, a respectable lunch, sensible snacks, and a smart dinner. Additionally, even a 20-minute walk around campus can do wonders for your physical and mental health.
5. Use your Resources: You don't have to be failing or on academic probation to utilize campus resources. Make sure you utilize the library for quite time and also stop by our BOOST office, we have an area set up for students to study. Also visit our Academic Coach Lashona Miller to learn study habits and skills. Take your final papers to the campus TLC center to have someone look it over before you submit it. After all, what do you have to lose—other than a bad grade, of course!

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