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Preparation and Collaboration with Medical Simulation

Preparation and Collaboration with Medical Simulation

I recently attended a moulage class at Greenville Healthcare Simulation Center to hone my moulage design skills.  Moulage is the art of applying mock injuries for the purpose of simulating real-world experience for emergency medical training.  Preparation and professional development are important in the field of medical simulation for purposes of accuracy and effective training.  During the class I attended, I was taught advanced skills on how to prepare and cast molds to create moulage, including the Pos-Neg-Pos casting technique.

The Pos-Neg-Pos technique allows you to create realistic wounds and a mold to replicate the design.  Once you have created the wound using a positive mold, then you create a mold block around it to accept the molding material.  Once this hardens you pull the two apart from each other and then you have a mold to create multiples of your cast.  Afterwards, you paint and color the molds to look realistic, saving you time when you need moulage wounds on short notice. A little work on the front end will save you a lot of time when you need moulage to simulate injuries and provide students with realistic clinical experiences.

The moulage training saw action when I assisted our industry partner, Southeastern Health's Emergency Department, with their annual training event; as well as Robeson Community College’s EMS PHTLS (Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support) class.  I provided moulage for 'patients' to create the simulated real-life experiences students and practitioners need to become immersed in trauma settings.
 During these two training events, being prepared made the collaboration a training success.  Through moulage and real-life training simulation, students and instructors walked away with the knowledge and practice needed to master skills and be successful in their professions.  This all being said, preparation and collaboration saves a lot of time, money, and ultimately lives.

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