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Medical Simulation Improves Job Readiness Skills

Medical Simulation Improves Job Readiness Skills

 BOOST at Robeson Community College (RCC) aims to better prepare students for healthcare jobs that require highly skilled and competent individuals.  By now most technicians, nursing, medical students, and doctors have had or should have had some experience using medical simulation for training. Whether it be through moulage, task trainers, computer modeling, video, and or simulators. These types of training opportunities are invaluable for students; they gain not only the task knowledge, but also the hands on skill knowledge they need.  At RCC we are able to offer entry-level and advanced healthcare students the ability to practice their skills to mastery through use of peer to peer labs and supplemental classroom instruction.


BOOST is innovative following trends that show schools, medical centers, hospitals, and employers are starting to realize the importance of medical simulation training for their students and staff. According to the Society for Simulation in Healthcare nursing and medical schools are starting to incorporate medical simulation training, some as much as up to 50% for training use in their programs. They are using moulage, medical simulation and training, 3D technology, as well as 3D printing.  By doing so they are producing better-qualified experienced technicians, nurses, and doctors. Also, by using simulation training for drills and quarterly continuing education, hospitals and medical centers are increasing skills and patient outcomes by reducing medical errors.  For more information please go to:

Every Minute Studying is Time Spent Wisely
Julie Barnes Baxley Joins BOOST

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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

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