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Flood Relief for South Carolina

Flood Relief for South Carolina

BOOST participants and staff are concerned about their consortium peers in South Carolina Community Colleges who are facing the aftermath of Tropical Storm Joaquin. Currently, the state and college are in recovery and prayer mode as families grapple with putting life back together after devastating flood damage.

We are asking those who are able to give monetarily to support the Salvation Army as they assist first-responders and those in need. Donations can be made directly to the East Coast Flood Disaster Fund at In addition, the weather channel provides a list of ways to support the citizens of South Carolina.

Administrators from affected colleges have shared the following updates:

 Ed Nicholson, BOOST Consortium Director: 

"Here in Columbia, Midlands Technical College has been closed and will remain closed through the end of the week for students.  Faculty and Staff returned to work this morning.  The faculty and staff for the BOOST program have fared pretty well,  a few had some flooding issues but all are safe.   The college had some significant water issues at the Beltline campus as it is in one of the areas hardest hit by the flooding, some relatively minor water damage on the Airport Campus.  I am not sure about the conditions at our smaller campuses at this time.  The city of Columbia continues to deal with the aftermath of the flooding, the community has pulled together and are working together to try and assist those impacted by the storm.  No one is sure how long it will take to get back to normal, I am sure it will take quite some time for all of the rebuilding that will be necessary."

Lee Daugherty, BOOST Director Florence Darlington Technical College:

“We had two days of no school and reopened on Wednesday.  However, some instructors and students are still stranded with no way to make it to school.  Specifically the lower part of our county was cut off until late yesterday.  Our facilities made it through with relatively little damage.  We go to clinicals next week, so at least that was not impacted.  Our thoughts are with those in the Midlands and Central service areas as they have a long steep road in some cases.  Central, like us, have many students who live past where the streetlights end and will have to at least “take the long way around” or worse to get to school.” 


*BOOST is a member of a six college consortium sponsored by the US DOL that consists of three South Carolina Community Colleges; Midlands Technical College, Central Carolina Technical College and Florence Darlington Technical College and two colleges in Alabama, Wallace-Selma and Wallace-Hanceville.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

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