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First Impressions – Dress to Impress

First Impressions – Dress to Impress

Your appearance affects how people feel about you more than you might imagine. “Dress to impress” is a popular saying for quite a few reasons. For young adults in college, how you dress can have more of an impact than you know. As a Counselor I explain to students that “It is hard to overcome a poor first impression”.  Your first impression will be as a result of how you dress.

I also inform students that they need to prepare for the careers they want to have now, so that when the opportunity comes they will be well prepared for professional careers.  Your dress and professional appearance plays a big role in how employers view you and your potential contributions to their organization.  You will become the face of your organization and represent them when dealing with the public.  

You also represent Robeson Community College.  Robeson Community College stresses a standard of neatness, cleanliness, and appropriateness of attire. Students should keep in mind that prospective employers visit the College and the employability of our graduates may be affected by the visitor’s impressions. It's worthwhile reading the RCC Dress Code.   Remember, college is preparation for your future.  You should dress to impress while in your classes, and most importantly, for interviews.  You never know who you will interact with while on our campus, and the old saying still remains true:  "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."  

What impressions are you making?

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