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Dealing with Stress while attending College

Dealing with Stress while attending College

Just attending college is stressful…then when you add taking care of your family, work and other life obstacles life at times can be quite unbearable. Finding positive ways of dealing with stress can have a positive impact on your academic performance while attending college. When I was attending college I found that fishing was a great stress reliever for me, it gave me time to think, relax and view my life in a more positive light. Here are some more tips to help you deal with stress while in college:


  • Develop healthier eating habits - Aim to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Exercise - Consider walking, jogging, gardening, housecleaning, biking, swimming, weightlifting or anything else that gets you active.
  • Avoid Unhealthy habits - Avoid drinking too much caffeine or alcohol, smoking, eating too much, or using illicit substances.
  • Connect with other Students-Develop study groups with your classmate, this will help relieve test taking anxiety which leads to unwanted stress.
  • Speak to a Counselor - BOOST students have the opportunity to come in my office to discuss issues, develop solutions and different techniques when dealing with stress.

These are just a few tips to help you deal with stress while attending college. If you have any questions please email me or call me at 910-272-3678.

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