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Career Development - The Black Hole...

Career Development - The Black Hole...

BOOST led efforts to celebrate National Career Development Week using the National Career Development Association’s platform to increase the focus on career development.  Leaders in business, industry, government, and education have recently acknowledged the deficiencies that limited resources and attention to career development has had on our society. “Career development has become the black hole in the paradigm that governs our approach to education. The costs of this neglect are staggering – both for young adults, many of whom end up unemployed or underemployed; and for American businesses, who are so often constrained by shortages of skilled workers.”

Support of the campus’ Career Resource Expo was awesome, with over 100 students dropping by the booth.  Visitors were able to pick-up coupons for the Robeson Community Career Closet, register for HRD courses, request resume critiques, and secure Save-The-Date cards for the annual Career Fair.  While there was a wealth of information related to available campus resources, students also shared their desire for additional support services and workshop topics through surveys.  The chart below shows their interests:


Student interest and needs for career development workshops















A larger image of the graph can be viewed HERE:


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