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Mac Houck is a guest blogger for BOOST. He is a Project Manager at HealthCare Simulation South Carolina.

Partner offers two-day simulation event

Partner offers two-day simulation event

The 2016 HealthCare Simulation South Carolina (HCSSC) collaborative partner annual symposium is a two-day event focusing on connecting representatives from partnering organizations to network and learn from each other. The agenda for this event is designed to appeal to the people in attendance, generally following technical and educational simulation-related tracks.  HCSSC coordinates, facilitates, and sponsors the event, but relies on expertise from within the consortium to provide presentations, workshops, and panel discussions.

Admittance to the symposium and meals are included as part of the collaborative fees, resulting in participants only being responsible for associated travel costs. The year’s event will take place at the Greenville Health System simulation center July 21-22, 2016. Additional information pertaining to the event, including registration, can be found at the symposium website.

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Consortium develops healthcare simulation for training

Consortium develops healthcare simulation for training

HealthCare Simulation South Carolina (HCSSC) is a regional consortium of simulation centers that includes technical schools, universities, and hospitals throughout the southeastern US.  Each collaborative partner works towards achieving their own local missions while adopting specific methodologies developed by HCSSC that are used to improve efficiency and enable meaningful learning experiences for healthcare professionals.  

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