Career Spotlight - Patricia GilmorePatricia Gilmore


What is your current occupation or job title?

Coding Supervisor at Southeastern Health, Lumberton NC

What credentials/certifications have you earned?


Why did you choose your profession

I always loved the health care field. One of my summer jobs while I was home from college was working at SRMC in the Medical Record Department, and that is when I discovered coding. I enjoyed the complexity of coding and the knowledge you need to be an efficient coder.

Describe a typical work day:

Administrative  duties; which includes work assignments, running reports, chart reviews,  physicians education, training coders, charts audit; and, communicating and collaborating with other department in the organization.

What is the most difficult part of your job?

Keeping up with Medicare and Medicaid changes on coding guidelines and regulations.

Share the reason(s) you love your job:

I have been coding for 30 plus years. It has definitely have been a rewarding career choice for me.  I enjoy the challenge of translating medical information into accurate and complete coded data, and that coded data will help Southeastern Health with their health grades and gaining maximum reimbursement for the resources used to treat patients. 

What advice would you give students considering a career in your field?

Enroll in a HIT program (Health information Technology) or build on your current knowledge and experience and learn the coding systems required for the job you want. Credentials are important in the coding profession.

Fun Question: 

Phone Call or Text?—Phone call

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