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BOOST Spring 2017 Cohort

BOOST Spring 2017 Cohort

BOOST is excited to welcome the 7th and final cohort of participants under the BOOST TAACCCT grant.  BOOST staff worked tirelessly to recruit 58 new BOOST participants enabling the grant to exceed it's expected total outcome of 336.  We are looking forward to continuing to serve students and support faculty in the new year.  Congratulations and welcome to the new Spring 2017 cohort and all returning students. 

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Dealing with Stress while attending College

Dealing with Stress while attending College

Just attending college is stressful…then when you add taking care of your family, work and other life obstacles life at times can be quite unbearable. Finding positive ways of dealing with stress can have a positive impact on your academic performance while attending college. When I was attending college I found that fishing was a great stress reliever for me, it gave me time to think, relax and view my life in a more positive light. Here are some more tips to help you deal with stress while in college:

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Welcome: BOOST Fall 2016 Cohort

Welcome:  BOOST Fall 2016 Cohort

The BOOST support staff and faculty members would like to welcome the BOOST Fall 2016 cohort to our Learning Community.  We look forward to working with each of you as you work to enter the healthcare profession.  After screening, intake interviews, and careful selection we are certain you are capable of unsurmountable success.  We are here to help and support you.  Let us know how we can assist. Cheers!!

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