Angelique Sanchez

The reason I chose to be in BOOST is simple:  They care about the student as a whole.

When I started as a student at RCC it was a difficult transition. I went from being out of school for over 10 years and being a working single mom to a fully-fledged nursing hopeful. The course work was challenging and I was new to this area so there were very few people I could relate to. Joining BOOST gave me two advantages in comparison to my non-BOOST peers. 

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Christina Tyner

To my fellow students, I hope you all are doing well and are making good grades in all of your classes. This semester is off to a great start for me! I want to begin by encouraging any of my fellow BOOST students who need assistance with your courses or academic planning to reach out to the BOOST Coordinators and program; they have been a major asset for me so far. I was asked to write this paragraph to tell about my success in Anatomy and Physiology ( A& P). I am currently in A & P 2 (BIO 169) with a 100 average so far.

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Charlotte ScottBOOST has given me a chance to grow, improve myself and obtain secure employment.  It provides opportunities for the entire community, for underskilled workers and anyone who is disadvantaged or feels left behind.  BOOST helped me to realize that with a little work, my dreams can come true and futures can be bright.  I have obtained my North Carolina credentials as a Certified Nursing Assistant and I'm working towards my Registered Nurse licensure thanks to BOOST.

BOOST offer support at many levels.

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Marsha Chavis I wanted to share some information with you about how BOOST has helped me on my path to academic success. The BOOST program is a wonderful program. I encourage ALL students that are interested in any health care careers to join BOOST.

I am currently taking BIO-168 and on my first test I failed. I felt so overwhelmed with this class. There was so much information to learn, but once I joined BOOST and teamed up with Ms. Miller to find a study routine that worked for me, things begin to make more sense.  When I took my second test I passed it.

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James GodwinBOOST is my college family.  I love the idea that the college - and the BOOST staff  - want to help students succeed.  BOOST helped me gain a better understanding of which classes and pathway I needed.  

The team at BOOST made a wonderful change in my college experience by decreasing my stress about whether I am taking the right classes.  I think every healthcare student should be a part of BOOST.  They truly care, and they only want the best for us.  The BOOST program is amazing!

Rachel BooneHello, my name is Rachael Boone. I am new student here at Robeson Community College. I am enrolled into the healthcare program to achieve my associate degree and get my RN License. I wasn’t sure if the pre-healthcare program was for me. So while I was registering for class for the fall, I did my research on what programs Robeson Community College offered and I saw the nursing program. I talked to my mom about it and she said it would great field for me to go into because being a nurse with a degree I will always have a job.  I am pursuing a career in healthcare because I’m a great people person and I have a caring spirit.   I knew I would do great providing care to patients and their families.

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