James LocklearI don’t know what I would have done without the help of the BOOST staff. I had been out of school for almost 20 years and my BOOST family gave me the assurance that I could fight all the battles that lay before me. Not only are they counselors and advisors, they are also compassionate professionals.  BOOST helped you me be more a successful student by first helping me to re-learn how to study for the Respiratory Therapy program. Then I had to learn how to memorize.  And last, I had to apply it. BOOST helped me to have confidence in myself to do all this, and then showed me how to use these very important tools.


But above all of this you need a will to succeed. I worked in construction for over 20 years and that was what I knew.  BOOST has been my rock and an advantage even though I knew nothing about the healthcare system. With the help of the BOOST staff I achieved an A in A & P 1; a B is the lowest grade I have in any class.

I have to thanks to Ms. Miller, who is excellent in all phases when it comes to guidance and she offered a study class for her BOOST students. This was done out of kindness and not required, but she had a passion to see the BOOST students succeed, as do the BOOST staff also.  Mrs. Branch has been very helpful in knowing what students should and should not take in their programs. And Mrs. Baxley is the one who will let you know what you have to work on to become a great healthcare professional.  Mr. Patterson can brighten those gloomy days because he has a wonderful attitude at all times. Dr. Cogdell is the one to see when needing advice for advancing your college education. The BOOST staff becomes your college family because they want the best for you and help you obtain it. There is no limit with BOOST.

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