Jessica CooperTo me, BOOST is more than just a program. I should say it’s My Balanced Optimistic Openhearted Support Team. If I needed support, I got it! If I needed a better understanding of what I needed to do to better my education, I received it. No matter what the situation I encountered, the BOOST Program had my best interests at heart.  Just the fact of having someone in my corner that believed I could succeed, was what I really needed. The BOOST club gave me that extra BOOST of confidence to believe in myself. I became the student that I myself doubted that I could be!  I just want to say that I am thankful for the caring and supportive faculty members of BOOST, especially Mrs. Miller. She stepped in for me when I had no one else. I faced a problem that almost made me give up and she would not let me.

She took her time to find out exactly what I needed to do and made sure I had every resource possible. 

You see, I lost my Mom and my Dad when I attempted to come to college the first time back in 2014. The emotional damage that I went through was too much for me to handle and I ended up dropping my classes. I decided to give up school, period. I gave birth to three amazing children, and worked. I saw that as being how the rest of my life would be.  Then it dawned on me that my parents wanted more for me and my kids deserved better from me. So, in 2016, I came back to Robeson Community College to see if I could try one more time.

Still a doubter, I went through with registration and found out about BOOST. I applied for it to take advantage of any kind of extra help I could receive. I explained my situation and everything I went through. I let them know about my parents, how I quit school, how I was a mother, and how I worked 11 hours a day to support them. How could I be a successful college student with the weight of the world on my shoulders? That is when my BOOST family stepped in and said I could do anything that I put my mind to. So, with determination, God, and having people in my corner, I successfully completed my first semester with a 3.5 Program GPA. I had an A in Bio-168 y’all.

That is a great accomplishment for someone that did not think it was possible. Reach for the stars! Thank you BOOST for implementing those words into my life.

Jessica Cooper, future Radiography program student

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