Marquita Galbreath, BOOST StudentMy name is Marquita Galbreath and I want to be a Licensed Practical Nurse. The meaning of BOOST to me means helping students going into the healthcare field find study strategies. It also helps them to become that A student in their healthcare field and be successful. BOOST has helped me in so many ways, such as taking me from being a D student to an A/B student.  It did this by helping me to find study strategies that were beneficial for me.

When I first came to BOOST, I was stressed and overwhelmed because I had taken in the fact that people said I couldn't do it.

Folks saying, "Marquita, just find you another career to pursue." I had given up.  But, deep down inside, I didn't want to let the talent I knew I had go to waste. When I walked into BOOST, they informed me that I can do anything I put my mind to. After my first study session with BOOST, I went in to take my BIO-168 exam. I took the test and felt really confident about it. Remember, I was a D student. Took the exam and made a 95! Tears began to run from my eyes. At that point, I knew I could do anything.

Never give up on your dreams! Learning how to study can make you an A student! Thank you BOOST!

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