Rachel BooneHello, my name is Rachael Boone. I am new student here at Robeson Community College. I am enrolled into the healthcare program to achieve my associate degree and get my RN License. I wasn’t sure if the pre-healthcare program was for me. So while I was registering for class for the fall, I did my research on what programs Robeson Community College offered and I saw the nursing program. I talked to my mom about it and she said it would great field for me to go into because being a nurse with a degree I will always have a job.  I am pursuing a career in healthcare because I’m a great people person and I have a caring spirit.   I knew I would do great providing care to patients and their families.

So I researched some more and I got ready to do orientation on the 29th  of June 2016. When I got there I noticed that they had a lot of student organizations but the one I wanted to learn more about was called “BOOST”. I first met Mr. Patterson who originally gave me info and enrolled me into the program.

 BOOST offers a lot of help and encouragement to the students that are enrolled in any healthcare program here at Robeson Community College. So in the coming weeks I became almost a permanent fixture in the BOOST office with my Academic Coach Ms. Lashona Miller, who helped me set up my notebook and how to figure out what I needed to do to be successful in my core classes. She also helped me find what I needed to do to get a leg up when it comes to officially getting into the nursing program.

I am very pleased to be accepted into the BOOST program. The leaders of BOOST have been a tremendous help and support when I need it, and they are always there to help and give information when asked. I tell everyone I can about the BOOST program and the opportunities that I have received. If you are reading this and you find that the BOOST program is something that you find interesting and want/need more information, please contact Mrs. Branch, Mr. Patterson, or Ms. Miller.  Any of them will gladly assist you in your future endeavors.

Rachael Boone, Class of 2018

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