Christina Tyner

To my fellow students, I hope you all are doing well and are making good grades in all of your classes. This semester is off to a great start for me! I want to begin by encouraging any of my fellow BOOST students who need assistance with your courses or academic planning to reach out to the BOOST Coordinators and program; they have been a major asset for me so far. I was asked to write this paragraph to tell about my success in Anatomy and Physiology ( A& P). I am currently in A & P 2 (BIO 169) with a 100 average so far.

I finished A & P I last semester with an A (97 average). Anatomy and Physiology has been by far one of my most challenging courses. But I want you all to know that with proper study skills, applying yourself, and determination, you can also make an A in either of these courses!

Both last semester and this semester, I have dedicated a small block of my time (usually 45 mins to an hour) each day to reviewing the material we have discussed in lecture/lab via the internet. I also use resources and study tools I've found using Google. I have found that the CUBE on campus is particularly useful, especially last semester learning the tissues, bones, and muscles, and that too, was a huge help!  These are the main ways I maintained my average in A&P.  If you do these things too, you can also make A & P a successful and enjoyable course! I wish you all a great semester!

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