Angelique Sanchez

The reason I chose to be in BOOST is simple:  They care about the student as a whole.

When I started as a student at RCC it was a difficult transition. I went from being out of school for over 10 years and being a working single mom to a fully-fledged nursing hopeful. The course work was challenging and I was new to this area so there were very few people I could relate to. Joining BOOST gave me two advantages in comparison to my non-BOOST peers. 


I have the privilege of having Debra Branch as an Academic Advisor, who not only knows how to motivate you to keep going but doesn’t allow you to make an excuse to fail. She has helped me to understand what I need to do to prepare for selection into the upcoming nursing program.  Then there is Lashona Miller, who has helped me develop an academic strategy.  Using her “Miller Method” to study not only helped me land an outstanding 100% on my Bio 169 exam but also helped me to streamline my study habits in other classes. It has saved me time and energy preparing for classes and has helped me receive above average grades in all my classes. Ms. Miller has not only been a great advisor for study techniques but a role model for all minority students that are looking to build a career in the medical field. Seeing her success and professionalism has been an inspiration for other minority students to follow and learn from. BOOST has not just been an experience but an educational way of life.

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