James LocklearI don’t know what I would have done without the help of the BOOST staff. I had been out of school for almost 20 years and my BOOST family gave me the assurance that I could fight all the battles that lay before me. Not only are they counselors and advisors, they are also compassionate professionals.  BOOST helped you me be more a successful student by first helping me to re-learn how to study for the Respiratory Therapy program. Then I had to learn how to memorize.  And last, I had to apply it. BOOST helped me to have confidence in myself to do all this, and then showed me how to use these very important tools.

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Janine Breeden-WilsonI am a Nurse hopeful.  I joined the BOOST program when I began school in 2015.  The BOOST program has helped guide me in the direction that I need to go stay on the right track on this adventure.  This program has made a difference in my journey.  I am looking forward to making a difference in the lives of the people that I encounter along the way. BOOST has helped me to be a more successful student by helping me with study groups and attending Cube with fellow students, and BOOST instructors have also helped tremendously. 

Meka JacobsMy name is Meka Jacobs, a BOOST student at Robeson Community College. I have recently completed a certification in EKG Technician and have thought about going back to school for Radiography. BOOST is such a great program to get into once you enroll at RCC. In my own words, BOOST is a program for health care students to be involved in. Also, they give you an opportunity to enroll in a curriculum that will  prepare you for your career very well. I have received support from everyone working with BOOST. From Mrs. Branch, she has professionally enrolled me in the classes I needed in which I have made a great friendship with BOOST members. Next,

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Jessica CooperTo me, BOOST is more than just a program. I should say it’s My Balanced Optimistic Openhearted Support Team. If I needed support, I got it! If I needed a better understanding of what I needed to do to better my education, I received it. No matter what the situation I encountered, the BOOST Program had my best interests at heart.  Just the fact of having someone in my corner that believed I could succeed, was what I really needed. The BOOST club gave me that extra BOOST of confidence to believe in myself. I became the student that I myself doubted that I could be!  I just want to say that I am thankful for the caring and supportive faculty members of BOOST, especially Mrs. Miller. She stepped in for me when I had no one else. I faced a problem that almost made me give up and she would not let me.

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Shaniyere GraingerThe BOOST program is amazing. With the encouraging words from the staff, inspiring attitudes, and helpful tools, I finished my first semester of college with a 4.0 GPA.

BOOST has given me the confidence I need to be a successful student. As my advisor, Ms. Miller guides me on my academic plan to achieve my goal to get into the nursing program and she answers any questions I have.  She always gives me supportive and encouraging comments.

I know with hard work, dedication, and the BOOST team, I will continue to be successful in college.
Shaniyere Grainger
ADN Program

Marquita Galbreath, BOOST StudentMy name is Marquita Galbreath and I want to be a Licensed Practical Nurse. The meaning of BOOST to me means helping students going into the healthcare field find study strategies. It also helps them to become that A student in their healthcare field and be successful. BOOST has helped me in so many ways, such as taking me from being a D student to an A/B student.  It did this by helping me to find study strategies that were beneficial for me.

When I first came to BOOST, I was stressed and overwhelmed because I had taken in the fact that people said I couldn't do it.

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