“Students retain more information when working with 3D models”

Robeson 50th logoWelcome to BOOST at Robeson Community College.  Robeson Community College is part of a six community college multi-state initiative that is developing a 21st Century technology-based approach to training for the healthcare industry.  The program uses 3D simulation technology to provide hands-on training experiences to students.   BOOST = Better Occupational Outcomes through Simulation Training. 

 As part of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Act passed several years ago to help retrain dislocated workers, the BOOST grant’s objective is to close the “skills gap” that exists between the needs of the market and the training of the workforce. Though the 3D equipment has many uses, including industrial applications, the early focus at Robeson will be on training students to fill much needed medical positions in the area.

BOOST selects 48 students each semester to take part in a structured learning community.  The program uses high-tech simulators and virtual reality to train students with no previous healthcare experience. Using this technology and integrated coursework, students can earn one of a variety of credentials within two semesters. 


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Individuals interested in becoming a member of the BOOST Learning Community must first apply to Robeson Community College for admissions.  The form is here on the website on every page, called Register Now.  Should you have any questions about the form, support provided or any other questions, please contact Lashona Miller.

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Latest from BOOST

Julie Barnes Baxley
22 November 2016

BOOST led efforts to celebrate National Career Development Week using the National Career Development Association’s platform to increase the focus on career development.  Leaders in business, industry, government, and education have recently acknowledged the deficiencies that limited resources and attention to career development has had on our society. “Career development has become the black hole in the paradigm that governs our approach to education. The costs of this neglect are staggering –

Vanessa Cogdell, Ed.D
21 November 2016

Faculty and staff recently completed a 2-day training sponsored by the National Tutoring Association. The training was led by facilitator, Carmen Wade. During the training participants gained knowledge that will strengthen their roles as academic advisors and success coaches. The training is of great value and reinforces best practices and research that shows academic coaching improves student retention and

Vanessa Cogdell, Ed.D
14 November 2016

Robeson Community College will celebrate National Career Development Week November 14-18, 2016.  This year’s local theme is Ready, Set, Go: Planning Your Career Journey. The week is used to highlight the importance of life-long career development and planning in individual empowerment and success. 

Antonio Patterson
04 November 2016

Preparing for finals can be somewhat nerve racking, but if you prepare properly you will allow yourself the best possible outcome and rock your FINALS! Here are a few tips:

1. Prepare a schedule: Spend a few minutes writing down everything you need to do in your calendar, from doing laundry and sleeping to writing papers and studying. Time has a tendency to slip away during finals week, so plan and keep track of it the best you can. Just because you've been able to pull all-night study sessions earlier in the semester doesn't mean it's


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