“Students retain more information when working with 3D models”

rcc5thlogoWelcome to BOOST at Robeson Community College.  Robeson Community College is part of a six community college multi-state initiative that is developing a 21st Century technology-based approach to training for the healthcare industry.  The program uses 3D simulation technology to provide hands-on training experiences to students.   BOOST = Better Occupational Outcomes through Simulation Training. 

 As part of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Act passed several years ago to help retrain dislocated workers, the BOOST grant’s objective is to close the “skills gap” that exists between the needs of the market and the training of the workforce. Though the 3D equipment has many uses, including industrial applications, the early focus at Robeson will be on training students to fill much needed medical positions in the area.

BOOST selects 48 students each semester to take part in a structured learning community.  The program uses high-tech simulators and virtual reality to train students with no previous healthcare experience. Using this technology and integrated coursework, students can earn one of a variety of credentials within two semesters. 


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Individuals interested in becoming a member of the BOOST Learning Community must first apply to Robeson Community College for admissions.  The form is here on the website on every page, called Register Now.  Should you have any questions about the form, support provided or any other questions, please contact Lashona Miller.

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Latest from BOOST

Debra Branch
21 September 2016

There are some excellent online resources to help you study Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, English, and other subjects you are struggling in.  One of these is at a free website called Merlot II.  Merlot is short for Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching and is an online warehouse filled with resources for learning in a broad range of academic subjects.  Best of all, the membership is free and you can use it at your convenience.

Antonio Patterson
20 September 2016

Your appearance affects how people feel about you more than you might imagine. “Dress to impress” is a popular saying for quite a few reasons. For young adults in college, how you dress can have more of an impact than you know. As a Counselor I explain to students that “It is hard to overcome a poor first impression”.  Your first impression will be as a result of how you dress.

Debra Branch
20 September 2016

It is hard to believe five weeks of the Fall 2016 are over.  For some, this is your first experience in higher education and the transition from high school is challenging, particularly during the first semester.  The common thread for new and returning students at this stage is increased levels of stress and anxiety.  

Course work is becoming more demanding, and the pressures are real. 

Michael Anderson
16 September 2016

In the world of medical simulation, there are many unknowns to the average individual.  How does this work, what will make this happen, and how do you or I do that?  That is why when you go to some facilities, you find simulation equipment locked behind a storage door.  The individual who had the vision and the skills no longer works there anymore, so the simulation equipment get put on the shelf; as well as the program.


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