“Students retain more information when working with 3D models”

Robeson 50th logoWelcome to BOOST at Robeson Community College.  Robeson Community College is part of a six community college multi-state initiative that is developing a 21st Century technology-based approach to training for the healthcare industry.  The program uses 3D simulation technology to provide hands-on training experiences to students.   BOOST = Better Occupational Outcomes through Simulation Training. 

 As part of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Act passed several years ago to help retrain dislocated workers, the BOOST grant’s objective is to close the “skills gap” that exists between the needs of the market and the training of the workforce. Though the 3D equipment has many uses, including industrial applications, the early focus at Robeson will be on training students to fill much needed medical positions in the area.

BOOST selects 48 students each semester to take part in a structured learning community.  The program uses high-tech simulators and virtual reality to train students with no previous healthcare experience. Using this technology and integrated coursework, students can earn one of a variety of credentials within two semesters. 


Register for a program

Individuals interested in becoming a member of the BOOST Learning Community must first apply to Robeson Community College for admissions.  The form is here on the website on every page, called Register Now.  Should you have any questions about the form, support provided or any other questions, please contact Lashona Miller.

Attend the Goal-Setting Meeting


The meeting features Jan Spence in the video below.  Read more and register for the free event.



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Latest from BOOST

Debra Branch
23 January 2017

When I began writing this Blog, it was 60 days, 15 hours, 42 minutes, and 26 seconds until Spring 2017! Unfortunately, many people are experiencing the negative effects of too many cold, overcast dreary days, and lack of sun. It is normal to feel a little blue this time of year; however, when symptoms begin to interfere with how you

Norman Smit
12 January 2017

Renowned speaker Jan Spence will offer a goal-setting workshop on 25 January 2017 in the BB & T room in Building 18.  The workshop, which is sponsored by BOOST, will deal with how goal setting can enable you to reach bigger and better goals.  She will provide inspiring ways in which realistic goal setting  can help you to reach your full potential.  Lunch will be provided, but space is limited and registration is required.  The workshop runs from 11:30 to 13:00.

To attend the workshop, please register on our Eventbrite page. 

Vanessa Cogdell, Ed.D
10 January 2017

BOOST at Robeson Community College is currently recruiting participants for the Spring 2017 semester.  If you are a current Pre-Health student interested in joining the BOOST Learning Community review the attached eligibility requirements and contact our office, or complete the Register Now form.  The deadline is Friday, January 12th.

Lashona Miller
06 December 2016

Preparing early for any exam gives you as a student a competitive edge to do your best. This is a strategy used by all students. As a pre-health student, applying to the Associates Degree of Nursing or Practical Nursing Diploma programs at


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